Borrower Name(s): Lender: Property Address: Date: Loan Number: You have the right to a copy of the appraisal report obtained in connection

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Confidential CONVENTIONAL This BORROWER AUTHORIZATION & ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF E-DISCLOSURESapplies to the mortgage loan that you have requested. The words we, us, and our means the origination company, and the words you and your means you, the individual(s) who have applied for the mortgage loan. The disclosure must be made in writing. The content of the disclosure can be found in the model form Form C-9Sample Disclosure of Right To Receive a Copy of Appraisals. The model form is located in Appendix C - Sample Notification Forms of CFPB Regulation B. Click Done after double-examining all the data. Section 1002.14 (a) (1) requires that the creditor provide copies of appraisals and other written valuations to the applicant promptly upon completion, or no later than three business But before we

BORROWER AUTHORIZATION & CONSENT FOR E-DISCLOSURES. Click on the appropriate section below to access HUD forms. You must provide the disclosures in a clear and conspicuous manner and in a form the applicant may retain. DOC TYPE 14612 CONVENTIONAL BORROWER APPRAISAL DISCLOSURE FORM. Fill the empty fields; engaged parties names, addresses and numbers etc. FHA-2244.

Borrower (s): Subject Property Address: Due to Appraiser Independence Requirements, the appraisal of your property subject to this mortgage loan request must be ordered by your Form AppDisc (3/95) APPRAISAL DISCLOSURE. *** MULTIFAMILY VALUATION DATA & INSTRUCTIONS -- Request a copy of this form from HUD's Direct For an application for a loan renewal, the disclosure must be provided if you intend to obtain a new appraisal report or develop a written valuation of the property. You do not need to send the appraisal if you are going to rely on appraisals or valuations previously developed in connection with the prior loan to evaluate the renewal request. Rental Housing Project Income Analysis Appraisal (1973) FHA-2275. The Appraisal Disclosure Forms Borrower Appraisal Delivery Method Appraisal Disclosure Forms Page 3 of 3 Revised May 29, 2014 Borrower Name Property Address City Loan #: Date: Lender: Borrower: Property Address: Due to Appraiser Independence Requirements, the appraisal of your property subject to this mortgage

Required notice to prospective borrower about counseling Form Contents Annual disclosure statements Property appraisals. MARYLAND OFFICE. Find the Borrower Appraisal Disclosure you want. Tel: 301.429.5961. Borrower Appraisal Disclosure Loan #: Date: Lender: Borrower: Property Address: Due to Appraiser Independence Requirements, the appraisal of your property subject to this mortgage Appraisal Disclosure is a notice in writing of the applicant's right to receive a copy of appraisal report or any other written valuation developed in connection with a loan application that is secured by a first lien on a one to four unit residential property. The disclosure is for informational purposes and makes

Change the blanks with unique fillable areas. (1) A proprietary reverse mortgage loan This form certifies that the Lender has delivered to the Borrower a copy of each appraisal report or valuation developed in connection with their application for credit. Fax: 301.429.5962 Do not include it with a loan application form or any other docum In general, the revisions to Regulation B require creditors to provide to applicants free copies of all appraisals and other written valuations developed in connection with an Include the particular date and place your electronic signature. Conventional Borrower Appraisal Disclosure Form Version 2011-04-01. DOC TYPE 14612. Timing.

Borrower: Loan Number: Co-Borrower: Date Prepared: Subject Property: This BORROWER AUTHORIZATION &

Based on this requirement, the disclosure should be provided in a separate page that can be retained by the applicant. Borrower Appraisal Disclosure . APPRAISAL RECEIPT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT METHOD OF DELIVERY: Email US Mail In Person Borrower Acknowledgement of Appraisal Delivery As earlier disclosed in the Appraisal Report BORROWER APPRAISAL DISCLOSURE AND AUTHORIZATION FORM We are pleased that you have chosen General Mortgage Capital Corporation for your home financing needs.

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