The Irish Lotto is a simple and fun lotto game in which you can pick any six numbers from 1 to 47. Irish Lotto Prizes You can also find the Irish Lotto numbers and prize tables from previous draws using the drop-down menu. There are 47 numbers in the Irish lotto 1-47. This page is updated with the latest Irish Lotto results and winning numbers after the draw that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:55 GMT. In each draw, six numbers are drawn, along with one bonus number. As you match more numbers, the value of the prizes increases. Irish Lotto Past Results and Winning Numbers The Irish Lotto result archive contains the results from 16-04-1988 7:45pm IST up to the last ones. For the PowerBall draw players pick 5 numbers between one and 69, and the bonus is between one and 26. Irish Lotto 2.5 Million; Promotions . You can also find data on the most common pairs and Triplets. 2 Numbers + Bonus Ball. The minimum play for Lotto is two lines per draw, which costs 4. Draws take place in Ireland every Wednesday and Saturday, with the winning numbers published below soon after they have taken place. This game requires only 6 numbers and a bonus ball to claim the top prize. What is Lotto? You can view the statistics for the entire history of the game or pick between different iterations of the game. Match. 2. Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 draws, including the bonus number. If yes, first you need to cover the basics and make sure you know how many numbers in the Irish Lotto you need to match in order to win the jackpot. You can also watch the drawings live. The Irish Lotto started out as a 6/36 game drawn each Saturday night. Latest Results and Winning Numbers Saturday 18 June 2022 Tweet 4 16 21 27 45 47 26 Bonus Jackpot 4,408,257 Did anyone win? With so many different ways to win, the overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 29. A statistics table and graph showing the summation of the balls drawn from Irish Lotto draws and their frequency. Check the Irish Lotto Winning Numbers, Jackpot Statistics and Draw Information. Irish Lotto Most Overdue Main Numbers: Ball Number Last Drawn; 19: 88 days ago (06/04/2022) 44: You can view the latest Irish Lotto results for all three draws below, including Plus 1, Plus 2 and the 500 raffle. The draw for Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 takes place directly after the Lotto draw. All winnings from the Irish Lotto are tax-free and can be in your account within two working days. The original 49s game is the UK 49s. Accordingly, the Irish Lottos record lottery jackpot (a record 18 million) is used to calculate the estimated winnings for this tournament. The first draw was held in April, which will make it exactly 29 years old on April 16th 2017. You only need to match two of the six winning numbers - plus the Bonus Ball that is drawn from the remaining 41 numbers to receive a prize. Simply tap in the six numbers you selected and hit Check My Ticket. How many numbers in Irish Lotto. The most recent of these occurred in September 2015, Moreover, there are different prize tiers available and the probability of winning the seventh prize (matching 3 numbers) is as high as 1 in 54. To win prizes in Irish Lotto, the numbers you select must match the winning numbers that appear in the draw. Prize. This page shows how many times each of the available Irish Lotto numbers has been drawn. 03 05 08 30 35 43 40. Players must match six main numbers from 47 to win the jackpot, which starts at 2 million. The system will check back through the last 180 days, tell you how many numbers you have matched and display whether you have won any prizes. The Stats display the most commonly drawn numbers, the most overdue numbers and the numbers picked least frequently. Winners. Panels C and D are for the seven-number games, i.e. As for the Irish Lotto, it was decided that the amount of playable numbers would be increased, to a 6/39 game and, later, the game saw numerous number increases and game changes. Lotto (Ireland) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers Home Ireland Lotto (Ireland) Lotto Saturday, Jul 02, 2022 01 15 17 21 34 42 47 EUR 5.5 Million Next Draw Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022 Jackpot EUR 2.5 Million Hours 15 Mins 44 Sec 14 Tickets Quick Jump Lotto (Ireland) Past Results and Winning Numbers Lotto (Ireland) Hot and Cold Numbers Play. Irish Lotto draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings and require players to select six numbers from 1 to 47. In total, over 76,000 players won prizes in the Lotto and Lotto Plus draws. The winning numbers for the Irish Lotto lottery 12/01/21 are 1,8,14,33,38,40,30. The complete number pool ranges between 0-69 for the USA Powerball. The minimum cost of a Club Keno ticket is $1. Choose 6 numbers from 1 - 47 (minimum play two lines) Tap on the 3 dots icon to edit or delete the lines. Players must also pick 1 bonus ball from a number pool of 0-26. Lottery Results. These are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Spain, and the United Kingdom. In the event of a tied frequency, the most recently draw numbers are shown first. Irish Lotto Results Checker. To ensure these statistical tables are meaningful, they only include Irish Lotto draws from September 2015 when the game changed to a 6/47 format. Mark how many consecutive drawings you want to play, up to a maximum of 60. 6/4/2022. At each draw six random numbers are drawn, along with one bonus number. Get the latest results, predictions and hot numbers for all three Irish Lotto draws; the main 6/47 draw, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, updated here every Wednesday and Saturday night. View Prize Breakdown. Select Your National Lottery: complete with the winning numbers and Bonus balls, prize breakdowns and how many days there are remaining to claim any prizes that have been won. The graphics below show the most overdue numbers for Irish Lotto, so you can see how many draws it has been since each number last appeared and the date on which they were drawn. Thursday 23rd June 2022. See the latest Irish Lotto statistics for all draws from Saturday 5th September 2015 up to and including Saturday 2nd July 2022. Wait for the drawing where 20 numbers are randomly drawn to see if you've won. Irish Lotto - A Brief History. The winning numbers for last nights Daily Million draw were: 04, 07, 11, 19, 22, 37 and the bonus was 31 Get daily headlines and breaking news alerts for FREE by signing up to our newsletter Irish Lotto players are being asked to check their tickets You can also find out when each number was last drawn. You only need to select the right date from the list. View Prize Breakdown.

Lotto is a simple and fun number draw game in which you can pick any six numbers from 1 to 47.

How many numbers are in the Irish lotto? What are the lucky numbers for the lottery? Most Common Numbers This page shows a breakdown of the 18 most common Irish Lotto numbers drawn, ordered by frequency with the most common at the top. Recent Irish Lotto Winning Numbers. See which numbers have been drawn the most frequently and which ones are the least common. Jackpot: 2,000,000.

Pick Numbers View Results To win 1 Million Irish Lotto jackpot, you have to match 6 main numbers. The winning Double Play numbers were: 24, 25, 35, 59 and 63. The Double Play Powerball number drawn was 11. The odds of hitting the Powerball jackpot are 292,201,388 to 1. Choose from the links below to find out more information about one of Ireland's most popular games, including the latest results and how you can take part online. You can play additional lines for 2 per line. At Lotto's initial cost of 0.50 per line, all combinations could be purchased for 973,896, leaving Lotto vulnerable to a brute force attack. Discover which numbers have appeared most often in Irish Lotto draws and which have been drawn the least with this in-depth statistics page. The Euro Millions lottery is played across nine European countries. Irish Lotto Most Common Main Numbers: 1988 - 1992 1992 - 1994 1994 - 2001 2002 - 2015 2015 - 2022 All Draws Irish Lotto Lotto Statistics & Numbers. Find out if you have won Prize Breakdown Pick. The estimated jackpot was about 19 Million. Whats the Lotto Jackpot? 1. The Bonus Ball is selected from the remaining 41 numbers after the main six have been drawn. The holy grail in lottery odds is the 49s lotteries. Prize Tiers and Odds of Winning Win big with the Irish lotto The Irish lotto offers a minimum jackpot of 1,000,000 when you bet. There is 1 bonus number for the Irish Lotto, with a number range from 0-47. You can find out which numbers haven't been drawn recently and so could well be due a return, as well as which balls most often appear in pairs and triplets. 2.5 Million! Grab your ticket without delay and check your numbers against the results on this page to see if you are an Irish Lotto millionaire! For the main draw, six numbers from 1 to 47 are randomly drawn and if youre lucky enough to match all six, then the Irish Lotto jackpot is yours. Winning Numbers. How Many Numbers In The USA Powerball? Irish Lotto Historical Changes 1 in 54. How much is a Lotto ticket? American giants, PowerBall and MegaMillions, require 5 correct numbers and the special bonus ball. To bet, simply choose 6 numbers and you will enter the draw. For the MegaMillions it's the same to win but with one to 70 for regular numbers and a bonus number range of one to twentyfive. There was one winner of the Lotto jackpot of 5,612,385. Ways to play Lotto 5-4-3-2-1: Choose your own numbers: Mark the box 'All 3 draws' to enter your numbers in all three games or mark the Lotto, Plus 1 or Plus 2 box to indicate the specific games you wish to play. About Lottery Odds. Winning numbers for Irish Lotto December 04, 2021, SaturdayDraw Date - December 04, 2021Winning Numbers - 7, 10, 26, 27, 35, 43, 12Jackpot - 19 Million. The winning numbers for the Irish Lotto lottery 12/01/21 are 1, 8, 14, 33, 38, 40, 30. The estimated jackpot was about 19 Million. 6/8/2022. 6 Numbers 0x: II 5 Numbers + Bonus 0x: III 5 Numbers 28x: IV 4 Numbers + Bonus 36x: V 4 Numbers 994x 831.23: VI 3 Numbers + Bonus 1,221x 415.62: VII 3 Numbers 14,738x 249.37: VIII 2 Numbers + Bonus 10,441x 166.25 3 Numbers.

Pick your numbers. What are the chances of winning the Irish Lotto? The Irish Lotto is drawn twice a week - on a Wednesday evening and a Saturday evening - and the jackpot prize for every draw is a guaranteed 2 million. There are 72 million dollars in jackpot and a maximum of 16 million dollars. View the latest Irish Lotto results and check the winning numbers for all three draws, including Plus 1 and Plus 2 after every Wednesday and Saturday draw. This page is updated with the latest Irish Lotto results and winning numbers after the draw that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:55 GMT. The top prize starts

To know the odds of winning the game, we need to know the number of distinct playable combinations out of picking 6 from 47 numbers. The Irish lottery was founded in 1987 and the Irish Lotto launched in March the following year.

In a 6/36 lottery, the odds of matching all six numbers and winning the jackpot are 1 in 1,947,792. American Mega Millions Fri 1, Jul 1, 27, 29, 38, 62, 12; American Powerball Sat 2, Jul 09, 10, 37, 59, 62, 26; Australian Lotto 6/45 Use the Irish Lotto Results Checker to quickly find out if your numbers have made you a lucky winner! There are two additional draws, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, which players can enter with the same set of numbers that they have chosen for Irish Lotto itself. Draw Date. Irish Lotto & Lotto Plus. The current odds of winning the Irish Lotto jackpot are very reasonable with 1 in 10.7 million compared to the official EuroMillions whose odds are 1 in 139.8 million. There are an additional seven prize tiers in which players can win prizes ranging from a 3 Daily Million with Plus entry (2 lines) for matching two main numbers and the Bonus Ball, up to an average 100,000 for matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. The Man Who "Hacked" The Irish Lottery. The chances of landing the jackpot are 1 in 10,737,573 - favourable in comparison to other major lotteries. Pick between 1 and 10 numbers (spots) from 1 to 80, or use the Easy Pick option. The base jackpot stands at 2 million, although it often rises far above that amount due to regular rollovers. Its possible using the combination formula: You can also find the Irish Lotto numbers and prize tables from previous draws using the drop-down menu. Irish Lotto is drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays, when six main numbers and a Bonus Ball are dispensed in the main game. The maximum Irish Lottery jackpot is 18.9 million (16.3 million). Match. In this case, you have to pick a minimum of 6 numbers from 1 to 47 and match six of them to get the first prize. Irish Lotto Statistics. Pick your numbers.

Spread among the four elements of life, the 12 signs are distributed:Fire, represented by Aries, Leo and SagittariusWater, includes Cancer, Scorpio and PiscesEarth, formed by Taurus, Virgo and CapricornAir, for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Jackpot: 5,612,385. Irish Lotto Draw. There were 33,314 Winners in this draw! The Irish Lotto draw takes place weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8pm in Ireland (GMT). The odds of winning any Irish Lotto prize are 1 in 29. 09 16 28 34 35 43 26. The jackpot is won if anyone matches all six main numbers drawn, and rolls over to the next draw if nobody wins. There was no winner of the Lotto jackpot. You need to pick 6 lucky numbers when playing the USA Powerball lottery. Irish Lotto is a 6 + 1 number lottery game.

The Lotto jackpot starts at 2 million and there are many other prizes on offer, including free entries to future lottery draws. Lucky 5 EuroMillions 217 Million; Lucky 5 French Lotto 15 Million; 10 to Win French Lotto 15 Million; Lucky 5 Irish Lotto 2.5 Million; View List. 4 Numbers. 49s lotteries are lotto games that have only 49 balls/numbers in the draw.

In total, over 84,000 players won prizes in the Lotto and Lotto Plus draws. 3 Daily Million entry with Plus (2 lines) 1 in 72. The Euro millions results, lottery winning numbers, and prize breakdown are published shortly after each Euromillions draw which take place in Paris at 21:00 on Tuesday and Friday evenings. My Favourite Numbers My Last Ticket . Estimated 9. The rule of Irish Lotto 6/47 is to pick six numbers from 1 to 47. The chance of winning a prize on the Irish Lotto is 1 in 10,737,573. Numbers Matched.

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